Our History

DFW Collie Rescue was founded in 2005, but collie rescue had been happening a long time before 2005. Carolyn Edgmon , the “collie rescue lady” has been rescuing collies since 2000 and has found homes for over 250 collies that were abandoned, discarded, or turned into an animal shelter.

Our Experience

Carolyn is very knowledgeable of the collie breed, having shown collies in the AKC show ring since 1980 and having bred 5 champion collies and putting champion titles on countless other collies for their owners. Carolyn bred on a limited basis, but had always wanted to do something for those collies that nobody else wanted or could not keep and began working with a local humane society in 2002 and struck out on her own in 2005. Carolyn is past president of the Denton Humane Society, past president and current member of the North Texas Collie Club and is a member of the Collie Club of America.

Carolyn says it is very rewarding to match collies with new “forever” homes, when sometimes the collies would have come to a sad end. However, it has been very challenging trying to save all of them. DFW Collie Rescue is the only breed rescue in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, there are humane societies that will rescue collies, but those organizations have limited knowledge of the collie breed.

Carolyn says it is very hard to find foster homes because the collie is such a loving and sweet dog that people think they will not be able to give them up once they are in their home. It is true, the collie is one of the most loving, good natured family dogs there is. The collie is easily trained and is truly a family centered dog and everyone knows that “Lassie” always saves the child from any harm.

Since retiring in 2008 Carolyn has made rescuing collies her full time passion. Being able to spend more time with the collies has made it easier to know each one’s personality better and give them more time and love. The collies must have exercise, fresh water, love and attention, a clean yard, clean places to sleep and the list goes on and on. It is truly a labor of love and few people will commit themselves to such an endeavor without help, but Carolyn says she knows there are some people who would like to foster a collie and help find it a forever home. The people who own collies will never own another breed of dog and people who own collies make the best foster homes because they are already in love with the breed.

“Lady came into our lives in September 2013. She is the sweetest, quirkiest collie we have ever owned.”
— The Lippincotts
“Carolyn… is just a pleasure to work with and loves all of the fur babies she owns and cares for.”
— Janet Bennett
Words can’t describe how much joy our three collies bring us.
— The Jones Family