Can I Afford A Collie?

Adopting a collie is not the only expense an owner will have. There will be expenses throughout the collie’s life. Listed below are expenses that the future collie owner should consider before adopting.

  • Interceptor Heart Worm medication yearly in Texas
  • Heart Worm Test Yearly
  • Rabies Vaccine every two to three years now allowed in Texas
  • Yearly vaccines
  • Exams
  • Dental Cleanings- Some collies need their teeth cleaned yearly
  • Veterinary expenses have a wide range of prices, depending on the city.

Rough coated collies need to be brushed weekly and bathed at least every 2 months. Products such as a waterless shampoo or baby powder or cornstarch mixed with baby powder can be used to help keep the coat clean between baths. Professional grooming is recommended and necessary if the owner is not familiar with the upkeep of a collie’s coat.

Smooth coated collies also require weekly brushing, but it is mostly to remove loose hair. The smooth also needs a bath at least every two months. Other requirements are the same as the rough collie.

Toenails need to be cut on a monthly basis, if the owner feels uncomfortable with this task; a groomer or the veterinary office can do it. Collies have dew claws and they must not be forgotten when cutting the toenails.

Crates & Grooming Aids

Crates should be large enough for your dog to stand up in and turn around. We recommend that flat-sided watering buckets be placed off of the floor and attached to the sides of the crate.

  • Nylon Choke Collars (18”-22”)
  • Wide Tooth Comb
  • Wire Pin Brush (Large)
  • Slicker Brushes
  • Magic Touch #3 Spray Concentrate

We are providing you with a list of items to help you get started with making your new dog feel at home and loved.

The average cost to bathe and groom a rough coated Collie is $50.00- $100.00 depending on the condition of the coat. Smooths will be slightly less. Toenail clipping average cost $15.00.

Veterinary & Food Costs

Dry food is best since it helps keep their teeth clean, a small amount of canned food can be added or such products as Moist and Meaty. Human food is not recommended due to the sensitive nature of some collie’s intestinal tract. Premium dry food ranges in price from $30.00- $70.00 for a 30 or 40 pound bag.

  • Unexpected Expenses
  • Accidental Injuries
  • Ex. Broken bones, sickness, allergies
  • Collies need a good premium food to keep their coat shiny and healthy

Remember that you can always contact DFW Collie Rescue for a recommendation on dog food and other needed items.