I found DFW Collie Rescue  one night when I was just googling ‘collies’ after losing my last pet. I have had a number of collies and they all held a very special place in my heart. Being a new empty-nester, I was not ready for a new 15-year commitment on a new puppy, but yearned to have a collie in my life. After discovering the organization by mistake, I learned more about it, contacted Carolyn then applied for a position as a foster parent. I was immediately impressed by the amount of work and care she put into bringing volunteers into the group, her compassion for the collies and her overall professionalism. Since then, I have had the pleasure of fostering a few of the collies and the love and joy they have given me cannot be expressed in words. Thank you Carolyn for the opportunity to give back when in fact it is I that have been given the gift of a collie’s love and companionship!

— Debbie Anderson