View these great links and all see of the great information that is out there to help you and your collie have a better life together.

Collie Club of America

This site focuses on the origin of the breed, health, varieties, care and training along with breeder information. It is worth a visit to this site.

Collie Club Of America

Tells you all about the collie and the various collie happenings all around the United States.

The Collie Rescue Foundation, Inc.

This national organization helps to assist in the rescue of purebred Collies.


The Collie Rescue Foundation, Inc.

The foundation’s primary goal is to offer guidelines for the adoption for rescuing collies. Consider becoming a member to help fund helping collies in the United States.

The American Working Collie Association

Find information on this site about upcoming events and contact information.

American Working Collie Association

The AWCA is dedicated to the working collie and has information and a newsletter of programs for therapy dogs, and social dogs. See links for upcoming events and contact on the front page.

A Dog Owner's Guide

This site is for all kinds of information for living with and loving dogs. It is full of articles about dogs along with great videos too.

Dog Owner’s Guide

Also included is breed information and how to train your dog.Very useful indeed!

USDA Missing Pet Network/Texas

This resource is the US Department of Agriculture’s Missing Pet Network’s site for missing pets in Texas.

USDA Missing Pet Network/Texas

Also included is breed information and how to train your dog. A must see.

The WSU College of Veterinary Medicine

The WSU College of Veterinary Medicine is one of the nation's top veterinary schools with scientists studying animal and human disease.


Multi-Drug Sensitivity in Dogs

WSU also has one of the best-equipped veterinary teaching hospitals in the country.

This site helps us know how to care for the furry companions that we love. How to make safe investments in food, toys and more to make sure that they enjoy healthy, and strong lives


Learn how to care for your pet. What are common household dangers, food safety, how to pet-proof your home and more.

Love Your Dog

Informational site that helps children gain important insight about thier four-legged friends.

Love Your Dog

This cool site instructs children how to best care for their dog.  There is fun and relevant Information helping children know how weather conditions affect their dog, how to train them and how to manage your emotions when your dog is lost or stolen or passes away.

The Fostering Dogs Guide

This site helps you understand the misconceptions about fostering and helps you avoid pitfalls and mistakes. Gives an overall good understanding of how to best express your love to dogs in need.

Fostering Dogs Guide

This site explains what fostering a dog is and what it is not. It helps to guide those wanting to foster a pet into the various subjects surrounding the very important act of caring for a dog and preparing it for entering a forever loving home.

Artist Sue Fulton

Be prepared to see stunningly beautiful artwork. Her portraits of animals will astound you.


Sue Fulton

When they say that a picture is worth a thousand words they were thinking specifically of Sue Fulton’s artwork. Her subjects literally come to life!

Cindy Alvarado-Yeary

This site features the lovely artwork of Cindy Alvarado. Her love of Collies and other artwork have been collected by animals everywhere.


Cindy Alvarado-Yeary

Cindy captures the beauty of the collie and other wildlife in their natural settings. It helps us remember why we cherish them so.

The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Brdige is here for us when we have to say goodbye to a friend and companion that we love so dearly.


The Rainbow Bridge

It is tragic when we lose our pets. However, the Rainbow Bridge has helped many manage their grief and sorrow. It is a worthy tribute to their beautiful lives.

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