Passed Away November 2016 

Three years after adopting Eddie and Lassie from Carolyn we moved from Dallas to a farm and Eddie LOVED IT! Lassie and both of us already miss Eddie terribly. I think the prettiest dogs are those who know they are loved, so Eddie was already beautiful. I had wanted a collie like Lassie in the TV series since I was a child and that was Eddie. All the Lassies in the TV series were males, so I have asked many moviemakers and networks to redo the TV series and call it Eddie. YES after Eddie! Ironically, the first rescue collie was named Rover in a little film clip in 1905; which can be viewed on YouTube.

You can Google it. I guess you can tell that we were and always will be head over paws for Eddie. It was an honor to get to meet and love Eddie! Thank you Carolyn for founding DFW Collie Rescue.


Petting Eddie’s mane and nose
Shaking raised paw he proudly shows
Calmness and peacefulness grows



Passed Away November 2016 

I think the grief of losing Eddie on the 11th of November, 2016 was too much for Lassie. Lassie died 5 days later. We are in shock! Lassie did not want to eat today; which was rare and laid around all day. We sat with her much of the day petting and loving her. We had been looking for a pal for her, as you suggested, to ease her grief. Eddie and Lassie came to live with us together and now they are together again. I sure hope there is a heaven. We are heartbroken. Lassie had wet places, trailing down from her eyes so I guess dogs cry too. I know I am as I write this. Thank you Carolyn so much for blessing us with Eddie and Lassie.

Words cannot describe their inner and outer beauty. A LOVE STORY! Lynn and I may write a children’s s book about them, he is an artist and very witty. We want the book to be a happy book since they made us so happy and we think it was mutual. We had family time walks and family time in the living room in the evenings. They both had extensive vocabularies; more than your average dog. They were not average! They were loving family members and knew it. We loved them so much!

—Lynn and  Alice Leuk


Passed Away June 2016 


Sampson and Rose were both adopted from DFW Collie Rescue in 2008. (Rose is pictured in the top two group pics and his other sister, Heart, who also came from DFW Collie Rescue. in 2012, is pictured with him in the bottom two photos). For those of you who have rescued and adopted dogs, you know how loving and grateful these dogs can be and they always leave you wondering who rescued whom. On May 27, 2016, we let go of our sweet Samson, who had lost his mobility due to an awful disease called Degenerative Myeolopathy, which is basically Lou Gehrig’s disease for dogs.

He spent his last day and night with us licking our faces and smiling that great collie smile. My heart is broken, but he remained loyal and loving to the very end.

—Jo Jo Nichols

“It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them, and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and as they are”



Passed Away In 2016 

The first time I saw Chipper, he stole my heart. And I knew that he needed me to foster him. Luckily for both Chipper and me, Carolyn agreed.

My favorite picture of Chipper – a big beautiful 10 year old boy with an incredible puppy smile. A big change from the day he arrived at my home, forlorn and depressed, uprooted from his home by circumstances beyond his control. It took him some time to realize that he was secure and to feel comfortable in his surroundings. And to be able to smile.

My hope for Chipper was that his forever home would be with someone who was home during the day and could keep his arthritic body moving on a regular basis, in addition to giving him lots of love. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but I’m so glad that Chipper got to spend his final days as a much-loved companion inside a house with a huge window, where he could keep watch over the neighborhood cats.

I miss that smile. . . . .

—Charlene, Chipper’s Foster Mom


Passed Away December 2015 

With a heavy heart I had to say goodbye to my beloved collie Paco.  I referred to Paco as my dream collie.  He was so beautiful and we couldn’t walk him anywhere without getting lots of compliments.  We used to take Paco to Colorado with us in the summer and walk him around the Vail outdoor market.  My daughter decided she would start counting the compliments.  In one morning 44 people stopped to tell us how beautiful Paco was!  He was just that outstanding.  He was beautiful on the inside too.  I would come home and be greeted by his smiling face.  He would raise up on his hind legs but never jump up on me, instead he would turn his body and front paws to the side, so I could give him a hug.  He would speak also and we taught him to sound out “I LOVE YOU!”.  I miss the companionship, the walks, the hikes and the privilege of taking care of Paco.  He has a piece of my heart always.  I am so happy to have found Carolyn with DFW Collie Rescue and grateful to his prior owners for being so responsible in turning him into such a great rescue organization!

—Jeanette Alford


Passed Away January 2016 

On January 14, 2016 Rainbow Bridge welcomed our beautiful Chloe home.  Chloe was adopted from DFW Collie Rescue a short 4 1/2 years ago and was about 13 years old. She was also the light and the joy of our lives. She was a bold personality with a wacky sense of humor who welcomed everyone with a grin & a tail wag, loving everyone from babies to old folks & dogs to tiny orphaned squirrels. The only thing she really hated was a camera so it was hard to get a picture of her. The stroke that ended her life also claimed a huge part of our family circle. Fortunately, Jesus promised that not even a sparrow could fall that God wasn’t aware of, so we firmly believe He is keeping her for us till we join her one day.

—Charlie & Leslie


Passed Away in November 2015

She was the light of our house.  She was always so full of life and curious about everything.  Sometimes, she would snoop around in one of the guest rooms and accidentally lock herself in!  She was so attached to Taylor.  He was her fearless leader and her mate, and she really couldn’t do anything without consulting him.  She was such a social butterfly.  She always wanted to wander down the street and visit the neighbors.  She helped rescue a wounded baby owl one night on our front porch.  It was hiding in the corner and I saw her standing over him and mothering him.  We took him in to the local animal hospital and they tended him.  She was such a sweet girl and made you love her.  She basically adopted me the day we picked her up from you and it was history after that.  She was ours from Day 1!  There isn’t a day goes by I don’t think of her and miss her presence.  We loved her dearly and Taylor misses her too!

— Gene & Marsha


Passed Away August 2015

Collin was my buddy. He was always by my side.  He stood with me as I chose my outfit in the morning, watched over me in the kitchen as I prepared meals, and hiked alongside me down many wooded trails.  I’ve heard some scientists say that animals do not have emotions, that we humans are simply projecting our own expressions onto them. They never met Collin. He was always in a joyful mood. He would get a big smile on his sweet face as he approached you, wagging his tail. If I tried to sleep in, he would mischievously look for a body part sticking out from the covers and he’d rub his wet nose across my toes or kiss my nose with a big wet lick. Forgetting his size, he would try to sit on your lap and glance over his shoulder at you with that big grin. It’s all these things that we miss every day. We miss our sweet Collin.

— Cindy Rodriguez

Mona & Ramses

Passed Away

November 2014 and August 2015 

When I met Mona at DFW Collie Rescue for the first time in July of 2009, Carolyn said she was one of the calmest collies she has seen.  She was a regal queen of her castle…until someone walked by and she was immediately on sentry duty.  Then, in October of 2010, Carolyn asked me to foster Ramses while he went through heartworm treatment.  He was such a gentle giant and a big hit with the young toddlers in the neighborhood.  I instantly knew he was here to stay.  They got along well from the beginning and along with Wyatt, the cat, became an inseparable trio.  An everyday scene was me walking the two dogs with the cat tagging along behind.  People would assume Wyatt was following me, but it was actually the dogs he had to be with.  We had 5 wonderful years of Collie unconditional love.  Last year Mona developed dementia and Ramses began losing his eyesight.  Our daily life changed, but they were still a joy to be with.  Mona died on 11/04/14 and Ramses followed on 8/6/15. Five years was not long enough, but I am grateful for the time we did have together.  They blessed my life and those they met.

— Debbie Garrett


Passed Away July 2015

Whisper was always our little beauty queen. Not the smartest dog in the world, but definitely one of the sweetest. We adopted her late in her life, but she instantly became part of our family. Like most animals, she had her own little peculiar habits and routines, but the one that we found the most endearing was what we called after dinner barking which we took as a sign of appreciation. Keeping in mind that Whisper is perhaps the most calm and casual dog I’ve ever known, after each meal she would find me, nuzzle me with affection and bark excitedly for about five minutes. While at first we thought she was trying to tell us she needed to go out, or perhaps there was something amiss, it soon became apparent that she simply wanted to have a conversation with us. We really miss after dinner barking and we really miss Whisper.


 —Bruce & Leah Croker


Passed Away February 2015

Max came into our family just before Thanksgiving 2012. He immediately became our “gentle giant” and we fell in love with him instantly. Max had a love for water and enjoyed rolling in the grass. Most of all, he enjoyed being with and protecting his family. He even considered our other pets his family and enjoyed playing with our other two dogs and our cat. He truly was one of a kind. Max will always hold a special place in our hearts and will be missed deeply.

— Melissa Quintero


Passed Away February 2014

Sampson is the first dog that we had ever owned. When I first saw him it was in a picture that Carolyn posted of him. He was found as a stray and had been shaved because he was so badly matted. I fell in love with his kind face. I didn’t know how much I had fallen in love with his kind and gentle spirit. He was so attentive. He exceeded our greatest expectations. He seemed to have an on/off switch. When he is outside he is playful and rugged. When indoors, he watched his manners and stayed by our sides when we are sick. When he was outside, he protected us from the squirrels and the sprinkler system. Each one of us loved him so dearly. Until he was rescued, his life probably had been quite dismal. Even through all of his difficulties he lived well. He still remains our strong finisher.

— Lena, Clifton and Kendall Griffin


Passed Away November 2015 

Willow filled our hearts with joy for four wonderful years.  Although we did not get to spend near enough time with her she touched our lives deeply.  She was as precious and sweet natured as she was beautiful.  I’ve never known a gentler spirit.  Always such a lady.  She was there to comfort us when we needed her most.  We can only pray that we filled her life with all the joy that she deserved while she was with us.  People never failed to stop and point out what a beautiful dog Willow was.  We will always love and miss our beautiful Willow.

—Michelle Berta

 Little Bit

Passed Away July 2014

 I loved every minute I had with this wonderful girl. She was sweet to everyone she met and great with my grandkids. Senior dogs may not be with you as long as you would like, but to know I gave her the best life I could in her final years melts my heart. She is missed every day.

— Jan Nichols


Passed Away in 2014

 I wanted to let you know our beautiful Bella passed away today from Lymphoma.
We are so sad, but so grateful for all the years we had with her.
— Amy

 Ian Coby

Passed Away March 2014

 Ian Coby was a sweet, loving guy who was a friend to everyone he met.  Although his life was cut short by a brain tumor, he was well loved by all of his friends and family.  He will be sorely missed by all of his four-legged and two-legged companions.

— Terri

Miss Ellie

Passed Away May 2013

On May 7 of 2013, we lost our beautiful, loyal friend Ellie.  Ellie was a regal senior collie that we adopted in February of 2012.  Even though we had her a short time – she made an indelible imprint on our lives.  She was my constant companion and became quite the jetsetter for the later part of her life.  She got to ride in small planes (always upfront with Momma) several times.  Her favorite destination was Colorado.  Even though she was a Sr. girl – she became a puppy whenever she saw snow.  She just loved it.  Ms. Ellie will always be loved and remembered – I’m sure she’s having frosty paws in the snow with our other beloved collies who came before her, Honeybee and Rosie.

— Mary Lineburg Mitchell


Passed Away November 2013

 After Sampson had been with us for a while, Carolyn noted that Sampson needed a companion. She thought that Molly and Sampson would make a wonderful couple. She was right! Molly was always at his side. She was our guardian and protector. Nothing ever got by her watchful eye, not even a crumb of food that happened to fall to the floor! She was energetic and fun loving and was appreciative of any affection that you showed her. She was independent and intuitive; definitely one of the smartest dogs I have ever witnessed. My daughter misses her partner in crime. Most of all she filled our home with love.

— Lena, Clifton and Kendall Griffin


Passed Away September 2013

This was Penny’s last trip to Oklahoma. For the short 9 years we had her, we took Penny to different Oklahoma State Park. She loved the autumn leaves. She loved to hike, wade in the lake and chase squirrels. One time, she wanted to join the herd of deer in their games, but I wouldn’t let her. She gave me that look: “Please let me play with them.” But the deer kept running away. She chased squirrels and brought us back a dead fish from the lake one time. It was so hilarious! Penny gave us nine years of her life. She was 14 when we sent her back to heaven, but I know she’s waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge- and someday, we will pick her up from the Rainbow Bridge and together we will all go to heaven; the we’ll be together again for eternity!

—Sam & Jocelyn


Passed Away December 2013

Roxie was one of those special dogs that you just cannot describe.  She was a soccer player, frisbee player, carried 5 gallon buckets and even tried to help me with my flower beds by carrying around the hoe and shovel.  I miss her every day.  I hope you have a soccer ball at the Rainbow Bridge Roxie.

—Carolyn Edgmon


Passed Away June 2013

RIP: Best dog in the universe. Thank you for being my best friend, and my protector, I hope you knew how much I loved you. Thank you for listening to me whine and complain to you whenever my life seemed bad. Laying with you while you drifted to sleep for the last time was so hard for me, but you never let me go through things alone, and I need to return the favor. I know you’re not hurting anymore and that makes me so happy, but I can’t help but let the tears fall at the same time. I miss you already, Luke. I love you,

— McKenzie Paige


Passed Away December 2013

Rusty passed away quietly and without pain in March 2013. He was a loving and valued member of our family and my best buddy. Russ enjoyed the neighborhood park and the waterfalls just a few blocks up the Trinity from us. He would stand on the bank yelping at the rushing water in the breeze. He was the leader the pack., gently guiding Gigi and Cass where they needed to be. Our time together was too brief, just a few years. RIP our loving Collie, Rusty. You are missed my friend.

—Charles & Irene Rand


Passed Away in June 2013

Patch was named when he was born at DFW Collie Rescue and then became “Lautrec” to his art teacher mom. He was a friend of everyone and was a joy to me and his pet siblings.

— Anita Campbell


Passed Away June 2013

RIP beautiful Bonnie (our sweet Bon Bon). They broke the mold with you, dear girl. Thanks for spending the last couple of years with us; you’ll never be forgotten. Sláinte!

— Kate & Richard


Passed Away April 2013

In autumn of 2010 Sean was found wandering around the Lake Dallas area and was so matted the people finding him could not even tell what breed he was.  His rescuers brought him to DFW Collie Rescue where he was bathed and groomed and look what a beautiful collie he was.  Sadly, Sean passed over to the Rainbow Bridge on April 2013 and he still lives on in the memories of all who knew and loved him.

— Angela Neville


Passed Away in July 2012

Our sweet Rose came to us in August of 2008 and blessed our home for four years.  She brought us much happiness and love, and we miss her everyday!

– Joho Nichols, Owner


Passed Away July 2012

RIP Lassie, our Honey. Thank you for gracing our home. You are deeply missed, but I’m so glad that you’re now somewhere where those ol’ bones don’t ache and it’s not so hard to move about. We know you, Claire and Bon Bon are up there gossiping about all of us; I hope you’re having a good laugh!

—Kate Kilmurray-Sopp


Passed Away April 2011

After escaping from his foster mom, Bronson showed up in our front yard in 2008. By the time we found where he belonged a few hours later, Bronson had made good friends with our golden retriever and stolen a piece of our hearts. He didn’t wait to be chosen; Bronson went searching for his own forever home and selected us! We miss you, beautiful Bronson, and we will always remember you.

— The Reidel Family


Passed Away in July 2011

Claire, our Eclaire, thank you for reminding us of the true value of companionship.; for allowing us to once again stop, realize and appreciate the simple things in life like a crisp autumn morning touched by the early warming rays of the sun; and by teaching us that in lazing around with the ones you love, you will always be doing something even if others think you are doing nothing.

— Kate Kilmurray-Sopp