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Please read the terms listed below and fill out the application just under the terms stated. Thank you for considering DFW Collie Rescue.


DFW Collie Rescue strives to match our rescue collies with families and individuals who desire to give a loving home to a collie who may have been through trauma, injury, sickness, been lost and alone or the collie may have had a great life, but through no fault of its own been placed with rescue. Collies are sensitive, intelligent, loyal and very charming. Being part of the family is important to them. Rescue collies have plenty of love, affection and gratitude to give but sometimes come with issues from their prior life that must be worked through. Each collie will remain in its foster home until his/her temperament is known. DFW Collie Rescue will advise adopters of any known issues prior to adoption. Collies are great family dogs and when you adopt one you will have the satisfaction of saving a life. If anyone in your home has allergies, please remember that collies have lots of hair and even though they only “shed” once a year, there can be loose hair around all the time. Before you adopt a collie consider how collie hair will affect any members of your family with allergies. Please read the terms of adoption carefully and if there are any questions, please contact us at Once you have read the terms of adoption and have no questions proceed to filling out the application. Your application will be reviewed and after a phone interview (if we have not previously spoken), your personal references, groomer and veterinarian references will be verified. A home visit will then be scheduled. ALL MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY MUST BE PRESENT FOR THE HOME VISIT.

1. Our adopters must be at least 21 years of age or older and in a stable home environment. DFW Collie Rescue does not allow rescue collies to be given as gifts, the applicant must be the adopter(s).

2. The adopter (s) must never have been convicted of any acts of cruelty to animals, or engage in the sale of animals to dealers, pet stores or research facilities.

3. All current pets in the household must be spayed or neutered (unless there is a medical reason), up to date on vaccines, and on heartworm preventive. We will confirm all of this with your veterinarian before we proceed with the application. Collies are very sensitive to some heartworm preventives and the preventive you are currently giving your dogs could be toxic or fatal to the collie. The new adopter should consult with DFW Collie Rescue before administrating any heartworm preventive.

4. A fenced yard is required for all puppies and almost all our adult collies. A well-socialized, leash-trained adult or senior might do well in a condo/townhouse or apartment environment, where all outside activities take place on a leash. We evaluate any potential exceptions on a case by case basis. Homes with invisible fences, dog runs or tie out chains will not be approved. Adopted collies will not be kept exclusively outdoors and will not be left outside when no one is home and all gates must be locked at all times. Theft of dogs is steadily increasing and leaving a collie alone in a yard is an easy target for a thief. Collies can also become bored and decide they would like to see what is on the other side of the fence by digging out or climbing or jumping a fence (rare, but can happen). Collies can become nuisance barkers and annoy neighbors and the Texas heat is intense.

5. All licensing requirements of the jurisdiction in which the collie resides must be met. The adopted collie will wear proper identification at all times; this includes municipal license tag (if required), microchip tag, rabies tag and an ID tag with the collie’s name and phone number shown clearly. If the adopted collie is lost or stolen, DFW Collie Rescue will be notified immediately so resources can be utilized to help locate the collie and return it to you.

6. Adopters must be willing to notify DFW Collie Rescue of physical address, phone and email address changes for the life of your collie.

7. DFW Collie Rescue would like to have the adopter (s) give periodical updates about the adopted collie and how he/she is doing in their home.

8. If the adopter is not satisfied with any aspect of the adoption or the collie does not adjust to the household, the adopted collie may be returned to DFW Collie Rescue within 7 days of the adoption for a full refund. There will be no reimbursement to the adopter for any expenses incurred during those 7 days. After the 7 day trial period, no refund will be given to the adopter if the collie is returned to DFW Collie Rescue. The adoption fee will be used to help other rescue collies.

9. The adopted collie MAY NOT be transferred to any other person for any reason. If the adopter is forced to relinquish custody of the collie at any time, said collie will be relinquished only to DFW Collie Rescue. If the adopter has a person who would like to adopt the collie, DFW Collie Rescue must approve an application from the new applicant.

10. Should the adopted collie develop behavioral or serious health problems in the new adopter’s care, the adopter may return the collie, but will not hold DFW Collie Rescue responsible for such sudden changes.

11. The adopter agrees to care for the collie humanely; including premium food, water, vaccinations, heartworm preventive (year round in Texas and some other states), flea and/or flea/tick preventive if needed where the collie resides, and will seek immediate veterinary care should the collie become sick or injured.

12. If you are considering adopting a collie puppy (and one is available) we seek an adoptive home where the family members are active and devoted to the challenges of raising, socializing and training a young dog. We will give preference to an adopter who works at home or can be home part-time or some other person is home most of the day. The time you spend with the puppy will show up well in the adult dog he/she becomes. The perfect puppy home will be one with children over the age of 8 who understand kindness toward animals, at least one person who works from home or works part-time from home or a “stay at home” parent. Another dog in the household that will accept the new collie puppy and play with it is recommended.

13. The rescue collies from DFW Collie Rescue have been fully vetted, this includes: vaccinations for their age, heartworm test and treated for heartworms if needed, and spayed or neutered. If a dental cleaning is required that will be done as well. The collie will also be micro-chipped. If the adopted collie is a puppy younger than 6 months DFW Collie Rescue will require a spay/neuter to be performed when the puppy reaches 6 months of age. This will be strictly enforced. You many choose to take the puppy to an approved DFW Collie Rescue veterinarian, where the spay/neuter fee will be paid for by DFW Collie Rescue or if you prefer to take the puppy to your own veterinarian DFW Collie Rescue will reimburse you, upon proof of payment to your own veterinarian, an amount equal to the rescue rate at a DFW Collie Rescue veterinarian.

14. To help defray our expenses for rehabilitating your collie and to help the next rescue collie DFW Collie Rescue requires an adoption fee which will be paid immediately by check, cash, money order, or cashier’s check upon adoption and delivery of the adopted collie. The fees are:

• $400.00 for a puppy under 12 months
• $300.00 for an adult age 1-8 years
• $200.00 for an adult age over 8 years

The is also a $20.00 fee to register the collie’s microchip.

There will be a $25.00 returned check fee for any check submitted by the adopter or an agent of the adopter.

The vast majority of our rescue collies find wonderful adopters in Texas, but we do adopt to out of state folks. The application process is the same and a home visit may be performed by a rescue organization in your area or a video of your home may be sent to DFW Collie Rescue or such media as Face Time can be used. We do not ship any rescue collie, but require you to come where the collie is located and visit with collie and sign all paperwork. All transportation costs are the responsibility of the adopter. We do not adopt outside the U.S.

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue collie. DFW Collie rescue screens our applicants carefully. Read the Terms of Adoption and take the time to answer the questionnaire carefully and thoughtfully.